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Version vom 22.9.2000

Dies ist ein kleiner Konverter, der rekursiv SO Bookmark-Verzeichnisse abklappert und alle URLs aus .url Dateien in verlinkten HTML Dateien ablegt. Da das ganze shell scripts sind, läuft das nur auf Betriebssystemen ;-)

hier das README:

This set of shell scripts (using GNU find, egrep, sed, sort, uniq, awk) converts an entire StarOffice 5.x bookmarks hierarchy of subdirectories containing .url files into a set of linked HTML files browsable with any browser.

All .html files are created in the current working directory by redirecting stdout. If a file to be created already exists the data is appended to that file. If the start directory is specified as a dot '.' for the current directory an index.html is generated for it, subsequent files are named according to the directory names by replacing '/' with '.' and using only characters of the set [-._0-9a-zA-Z], other characters are replaced by '_'. Leading "../" are replaced by "_." if the start directory is specified as a relative path.

The annoying "Verknüpfung mit " (German SO version) or "Link to " (English SO version) is removed from the descriptive part of a link (Title=...). Change SO.url2html3.awk if you don't want this functionality or if you want to add other languages.

Since the scripts take a recursive approach symbolic links to directories are not followed, otherwise you would propably end up lost in infinity if a subdirectory contained a link to a parent directory. However, symbolic links to files are followed if the link has the extension .url

usage: SO.url2html PathToStartWith

Author: Eike Rathke

URL: http://www.erack.de/download/SO.url2html.tar.gz

Need a license? Use the latest version of GPL.

Autor: Eike Rathke Datenquelle dieser Seite: http://www.wernerroth.de/staroffice/tools/erack

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