Switch every Automatism off

While you are typing your StarOffice Writer documents it can happen, that StarOffice Writer adds, changes or reformats your text. This can be helpful but can keep you away from serious work. If you dislike this automatic behavior you can turn everything off, as shown in this text. If you are editing and StarOffice Writer made a change, press <Ctrl>+<Z> immediately and the change will be taken back.


Use this dialog to turn most of this automatic behavior off. Use the page Replace to define words that will be substituted by others. By default this is used to correct spelling, to replace a abbreviation by a special character or to substitute a shortcut by some words. Define on tab Options if StarOffice Writer should use this replacement table or not.

Use the Options on Tab-Page Exceptions to define cases where the automatic chance of Capital letters should leave your words untouched. If this automatism is working or not can be defined on Tab-Page Options activating "Correct TWo INitial CApitals" and "Capitalize first letter of every sentence".

The Tab-Page Options is the main control panel of the AutoCorrect feature. Use the Column [T] to switch off the change of the characters or formatting while you are typing. Step closer to the possibilities of each item using the StarOffice help system. The explanation of this items is quite well.

The Tab-Page Custom Quotes contains the configuration of StarOffice Writer to replace the ASCII-double Quote "" with the typographical correct ones e.g. „“ or »«.

If you are wondering about the feature StarOffice Writer suggests words out of the current document while you typing, this is the Word Completion feature. Turn it off if you do not like it.

Format|AutoFormat|While Typing

If you activated Tools|AutoCorrect/AutoFormat Tab-Page Options Column [T] „Apply numbering“, „Apply border“, „Create Table“ or „Apply styles“, StarOffice Writer will do these replacements just in case Format|AutoFormat|While Typing is switched on. In other words: If Format|AutoFormat|While Typing is switched off, no paragraph styles will be applied and no Underlines will be created.


Activate the Checkbox „Display AutoText name as you type“ in Dialog AutoText. If you now type the first three letters of an AutoText-Name a small yellow tip will appear. For example Dum press <Enter> to insert this AutoText named "Dummy Text".

Autoformat in Tables

Numbers, Dates and things like this will be automatically formatted in StarOffice Writer tables. Until StarOffice Writer 5.0 you had to highlight the respective cells in every new table and change the cell format into Text using Format|Number Format. In StarOffice Writer 5.1 and above you can switch this automatic behavior off on the dialog Tools|Options|Text document|Insert in group „Insert in Tables“.

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